Service Progress

In order to improve our customers' experience and support, we developed a software to track the progress of the service of your device. This way, you will be able to know when your device will be ready for pickup.

The request is valid for appliances that are under service for the past 3 days.

Category A

Minor problems € 25 - € 50
Repair time about 1 working Day
This category includes only mobile and cordless phones.

Category B

Serious problems € 50 - € 85

Repair time about 3 working Days

This category includes all products, i.e. mobile, cameras, camcorders, computers and televisions.

If the repair costs will exceed the maximum cost of the category the client will be notified by telephone.

Products that need to be sent abroad: 2-3 weeks.

(Service Unit) phone on loan: €5 for as long as the repair will keep.

Repair Warranty: 1 Month.